The convection oven (or convection oven) recently appeared on the market of household kitchen appliances, but quickly gained the respect of consumers.

The design of the device is based on only two elements: a stand and a glass bowl with a lid. The control panel is located outside.

The operating principle of this miracle oven is indecently simple: a special heating element raises the temperature of the air, which enters the glass flask through many holes.

It contains a special fan, the main function of which is to ensure constant movement of air flow in the flask. Thanks to this, the food in the bowl is evenly heated on all sides.

Each convection oven model has its own characteristics, but all convection ovens are united by ease of use and a combination of the functions of several devices used for cooking.

Air fryer — advantages and disadvantages

КLike any other device, an air fryer has positive and negative sides. Let’s start with the pros:

1. Multifunctionality. One air fryer combines the functions of a microwave, toaster, hob, oven and steamer.

2. Health benefits and preservation of beneficial properties of products. Cooking dishes in an air fryer occurs without the use of oil and fat.

3. Compactness. The small size of the device allows you to easily transport the convection oven in the car.

4. Ability to cook dishes in different dishes. 5. Availability of smoking and simmering modes for products. 6. The ability to do other things while cooking. Having completed cooking, the appliance turns off automatically.

And now about the cons:

1. Incomplete compliance with the declared functions. The air fryer does not cope equally well with all tasks. For example, when using the device instead of a double boiler, you will most likely not be satisfied with the results obtained.

2. Inappropriate use. You should not use an air fryer to heat up food, since the large flask of the air fryer (10-12 l) requires prolonged heating, which is not very convenient. A stove or microwave can handle this better.

3. Risk of burns. The glass bulb of a convection oven becomes very hot during operation. This is fraught with the risk of getting burned due to negligence, especially if there are small children in the house.

4. High power consumption.

5. Large time costs. Dishes take longer to cook in an air fryer than on a stove.

Types of convection ovens

The entire variety of convection ovens on sale is divided into two groups: with mechanical and electronic controls. The first option has only one operating mode, which is why it costs less. The second type of convection ovens is more expensive, but it also has more options.

Electronically controlled air grills have several operating speeds. When purchasing them, you should pay attention to a number of details:

1. Air fryer volume. The volume of the glass bowl can vary from 7 to 17 liters. Some models come with special rings that allow you to adjust the volume of the flask within 5 liters.

2. Type of roof fastening. There are removable and attached using a roof bracket. The first option is more compact, but the second is safer.

3. Type of heating element. A tubular electric heater is safer to use, increases the service life of the device and does not affect the quality of the prepared dishes. The main advantage of air fryers with a halogen electric heater is their low cost.

Современный аэрогриль

Cooking in an air fryer

A wide variety of dishes can be cooked in a convection oven:
• first meal;
• fried, baked or stewed meat;
• smoked meat, different types of fish (both sea and river);
• grilled chicken;
• pizza; • porridge;
• fried sunflower seeds;
• baked goods.
In addition, in the miracle oven you can heat prepared food, sterilize jars and dry vegetables and berries. A detailed description of the cooking process with step-by-step instructions can be found in the instructions for the air fryer or on the Internet.
But there are several general cooking recommendations that should be followed regardless of the model of convection oven:
• before starting cooking, preheat the air fryer at maximum power for 10 minutes;
• the device must be placed in such a way that its body does not accidentally touch during the cooking process;
• for baking, use thin glass dishes;
• after completing the self-cleaning process, the flask must be wiped with a soft, dry cloth;
• for cooking meat or chicken, it is better to use the lower or middle rack of a convection oven;
• when cooking food, it is better to fill it with hot water.
The air fryer is an excellent assistant in the kitchen of the modern housewife. It makes the cooking process easier while preserving the beneficial properties of the food. And the taste, appearance and aroma of the finished dish will not leave anyone indifferent.

The air fryer will become an indispensable device for people who lead a healthy lifestyle and want to spend less time cooking. This miracle stove is definitely worth the money spent on it.

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