Беспроводной блендер

An immersion blender with a built-in battery is a cordless blender — a modern and functional device designed to work autonomously. The wireless blender is convenient and easy to use due to its main advantages:

  • Allows you not to limit the space for your work with an electrical wire; Such a device is much faster to prepare for use;
  • Easier to wash and store;
  • When making various purees, sauces, and pureed soups, the submersible part of the blender remains complete freedom of movement and maneuvers due to the absence of a wire.

Despite its effective advantages, a cordless blender has some disadvantages:

  • The submersible part has more weight than that of a mains-powered blender, because… built-in battery;
  • Battery life is limited by battery charge.

The wireless blender retains absolutely all the same functions as the network device. The only difference is in the way the charge is supplied. This blender also grinds, cuts, beats food, makes various purees, soups, cocktails, desserts and much more.

Unlike a stationary device, a wireless blender has only one way to turn it on — by pressing a button on its handle. By the way, this method is the safest, because the blender attachment will work as long as you hold down the power button. In another case, it is in “standby mode,” which will not allow, for example, a child to accidentally activate the device’s knives.

The handle of the immersion blender, slightly heavier due to the battery, is created with a streamlined, comfortable shape, which makes it quite easy to hold it in one hand while carrying out various manipulations with the products being prepared.

And the knives hidden in the lower part of the nozzle are absolutely safe for fingers and hands due to their shape and method of placement. The knives are designed in such a way that they do not allow crushed food particles to fly out of the working area, thereby preventing splashing and contamination of the kitchen when preparing food.