The main criteria by which a refrigerator should be selected are not difficult to remember. First of all, it is its cost, efficiency, ease of use, reliability and functionality.

The future owner chooses all the parameters for himself, but the simplicity and ease of use of the equipment always comes first.

The parameters of the area where the refrigerator will be installed are different in all kitchens, so first you need to measure this niche. Keep in mind that people who will use this appliance are of different heights and the height of the refrigerator will also play a role in the choice. The most comfortable height for all family members will be from 150 to 200 cm.

Taking into account the number of family members, it is worth paying attention to the volume of the refrigerator, so that the food in it is stored in free space. Everyone knows that refrigerators now come in one, two and three-chamber types.

First, decide whether you need additional chambers and whether you will store food for a long time in the freezer. You may want to choose a refrigerator with a freezer compartment.

To find out which compartment of the refrigerator, at what temperature, there are markings in the refrigerator. Marking where 3* is indicated is the coldest, from -18 degrees. 2* — up to -12 degrees, 1* — temperature up to -6 and shelf life of products up to 2 weeks.

Unlabeled compartments are intended for products that have a shelf life of a couple of days.

When choosing a refrigerator with several compartments, please note that when opening the doors, their width may interfere. It is better to give preference to a refrigerator whose door opening sides can be changed.

The main advantage of a two-chamber refrigerator over a single-chamber refrigerator is that access to the freezer or refrigerator compartment is more practical. It is not the common door that opens, behind which there is another small door, but the door of the cell itself.

Next, pay attention to the additional functions of the refrigerator. For example, noise level. The most silent are thermoelectric refrigerators, but they have the disadvantage of increased energy consumption. Classes A, A+, A++ are considered economical, followed by B and C. Classes D and G are now very rare.

Well, of course, the cost of the refrigerator plays a major role. The cost of equipment depends on many criteria, for example, the brand of the refrigerator, its volume, additional functions and the number of chambers.