A hair dryer is perhaps one of the most common types of household appliances. At first glance, it seems that choosing a hair dryer is not such a difficult task, but on the other hand, you must always remember that the health and beauty of your hair depends on the quality and characteristics of this device.

Overheated or overdried hair will never seem attractive, so you should choose a device based not only on price and ease of use, but also on hair type.

It is also necessary to consider what the hair dryer will be used for: only for drying hair or also for styling and creating hairstyles?

Almost every modern device has several operating modes. Firstly, they differ in different types of temperatures, and secondly, in the speed of air flow.

A good hairdryer usually has 3 heat levels and 2-3 air flow speeds. These modes are important for drying different types of hair.

For example, for weakened hair it is recommended to use the weakest air flow, and the most powerful one is convenient for styling. The heating temperature can be varied depending on the desired effect, for example, to create curls, it is recommended to first dry your hair with a hot stream and then cool it with the coldest one. Temperature also affects the speed of hair drying, because the higher it is, the faster the hair will become dry.

Next, you need to pay attention to the attachments that are sold as a set. Usually there are two of them — a concentrator and a diffuser. With the first attachment it is convenient to create curls and dry your hair, and with the second attachment you can create volume from the very roots of your hair.

It should be noted that diffuser nozzles with soft rubber tips are more convenient to use, since, unlike plastic ones, they do not scratch the head.

It is also better if the fingers have different lengths, since then they will touch the head all at once. When choosing a hair dryer, you need to consider its size. The smaller it is, the more convenient it is to take the device with you on trips or, for example, to the pool.

It is better if the hairdryer is not too bulky; it should fit comfortably in your hand; the mode switching buttons should also be within maximum accessibility for your fingers.

When buying a hair dryer, you need to inspect its heating element and the length of the cord. You should always remember that the appearance and characteristics of a hair dryer are very important indicators, because this is a device for frequent use and therefore it should be as simple and comfortable to use as possible.