An air humidifier is a device that allows you to maintain a comfortable atmosphere and maintain optimal humidity in the room, without spending huge costs on electricity.

The operation of an air humidifier is based on the use of special evaporators that operate based on the principle of “cold” or “hot” evaporation of water.

In addition to their main function, such devices can perform the function of air aromatization; they are quite easy to operate and have a long service life. Types of humidifiers:

Traditional humidifier

Its activity is based on the “cold” evaporation of water. The device has a special evaporator mesh impregnated with moisture.

The fan built into the device allows you to suck in dry air from the room, driving it through the wet stack. With this method, optimal air humidity is maintained and it is possible not to use additional control devices.

Steam humidifier

The device operates using the principle of “hot” evaporation of water. An existing pair of electrodes heats the water, converting it into steam. The device is highly productive, and for greater efficiency it is worth using special control devices to independently regulate the humidification power.

Ultrasonic humidifier

The air humidification technology underlying the operation of this device is more effective. Moisture is produced using high-frequency vibrations — the water is transformed into an invisible “water cloud”. The fan, driving dry air, sucks it inside this “water cloud” and throws it out, after which it is evenly distributed throughout the room.

The highly efficient cartridge filter purifies water before it turns into a cloud, removing minerals and impurities from it. The undoubted advantage of ultrasonic humidifiers is their almost silent operation.

An air humidifier is a necessary device that allows you to adjust the humidity in a room, thereby determining a person’s comfortable existence.