How to choose a multicooker

Today, electrical appliances occupy an important place in the household. Every housewife wants to have a multicooker in her kitchen set for preparing quick and healthy meals, but you need to choose the right multicooker.

What points do you pay attention to when buying a multicooker?

A classic multi-cooker has several functions. This includes preparing a variety of cereals, steamed dishes, and baked goods. These functions are inherent in the classic multicooker.

The multicooker includes the following parts: body, bowl. The body retains heat. The bowl is intended for preparing dishes. It is heated using special heating elements.

The main heaters are located at the bottom, additional ones are located on the side and top. The steam valve is located on top and regulates the pressure in the middle. Condensation enters the moisture collector located below.

The multicooker has an electronic menu that helps guide the cooking process. There is also a display and a timer. The multicooker with double boiler mode includes a container. It is used to steam food.

How to choose a multicooker

Before choosing, determine the type of multicooker that interests you most: with many programs or with one. The power of the multicooker ranges from up to two kilowatts. It depends on the volume. T

he more power, the better the mechanism. When choosing a multicooker, pay special attention to volume. The amount of food prepared depends on this. The most suitable volume is considered to be four to five liters. Multicookers have additional functions.

One of them is the delay start time. By setting this function, food is cooked independently without supervision. But this function is handled with caution: not all products can be mixed at once. The heating function ensures that food is always served hot.

If you are going to choose a multicooker, you need to make sure that this function is disabled and it is important not to confuse it with the heating function. Multicookers are sold with preset programs. There can be up to fifty-five of them. But it is enough to have about ten programs.

The main point is the anti-stick coating. It comes in several types. Teflon and ceramic coatings are more durable. Each has pros and cons. Marble coating is of the lowest quality. Multicookers with a non-stick bowl allow you to cook with a minimum of oil and without the risk of burning.

This coating does not impart any foreign odors to dishes. Does not react with water, food or detergents. Due to its chemical inertness, it is safe for the body.