Today, LED TVs, which use the latest technologies to display images on a liquid crystal screen, have gained wide popularity.

To choose the right model, you need to familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics that it has.

First you need to select the screen diagonal. For ease of viewing at a distance of 3-4 meters, you must have a screen of at least 32-40 inches.

This size allows you to fully ensure excellent picture output. Also, screen expansion greatly affects the quality of the output video, since they have more pixels per 1 square centimeter.

Thus, monitors with a small extension will not be able to correctly reproduce high-quality video; there will be some freezing of the picture, blurred boundaries, and the like. The quality of playback is directly affected by the image scanning frequency, for example, 60Hz, playback of 60 frames per second.

The low frequency affects the playback of dynamic video, and some slowdown is noticeable. There are 2 types of screen coating: glossy and matte. Glossy provides high picture brightness, but a monitor with such a coating strongly reflects daylight.

TVs with a matte finish have the opposite properties; they are not as colorful, but do not reflect light. The choice of coating must be made by the buyer, based on his own preferences.

The presence of functional connectors has long been an integral attribute of modern TVs. You can connect DVD devices, multimedia centers, and receivers to the TV.

Also, for ease of use, there should be a USB connector on the case; it is necessary when working with external media. Internet browsing is available on some models.

The presence of the 3D function will make the viewing experience more impressive, since this system has many tools to enhance the viewing experience. But if a TV has such technology, it will be an order of magnitude more expensive, unlike other models.

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