Problems with water heating are not uncommon, despite the fact that it is the 21st century outside the window. For urban residents, this problem occurs in the summer, and in some villages, even worse, all year round.

Therefore, we have to look for an alternative to the central water supply. The best option to get hot water is gas or a geyser.

It is suitable for those who have a gas main nearby. Another variation could be liquid fuel, for the use of which you will have to install an appropriate boiler and for this you will have to equip a separate room, which is not accessible to everyone.

Electricity, today, is the most accessible and convenient, although not the cheapest, source of energy for humanity.

Therefore, it is worth paying attention to water heaters that operate from the electrical network. Conventionally, electric water heaters are divided into two types.

The first of them is capacitive, or in other words, storage, the second is flow-through. They are similar to each other except in appearance, namely cylindrical in shape, but the methods of heating water are different.

The instantaneous water heater has a heating element in its design, which consists of a copper pipe with a chrome spiral. Such heaters are reliable due to the absence of air pockets, which allows them to be used for a long time. The principle of its operation is that cold water passes through the tube and becomes hot from the heating element.

Such a water heater does not have a tank or any container, so all the water is heated to the desired temperature, which passes through the pipe.

The disadvantage of this type of water heater is its high power, which should be at least 3 kW. For example, in order to take a shower, you need to use a device with a power of up to 8 kW.

Only good electrical wiring can withstand such a load. Therefore, before installation, it is necessary to consult with specialists in this field in order to avoid damage to the entire network at home.

The required amount of hot water with minimal load on the electrical network can be obtained thanks to a storage water heater. The price of such a device is not small, but over time it justifies such costs.

Thanks to the latest technologies, capacitive, or in other words, storage water heaters are covered with special thermal insulation, which allows the water temperature to lose only about 6°C per day. Along with this, the pricing policy depends on the enamel with which the cylinder is coated and the steel from which it is made.