Most people choose oil electric heaters for their home because these devices provide maximum safety and reliability during use.

This is especially true for those houses in which small children live, and since the oil electric heater does not have open heating elements, in such cases it is almost ideal.

Due to the fact that these heaters use economical modes and electric heating elements are completely immersed in oil, they will last significantly longer.

When choosing an oil-type electric heater, first of all, it is necessary to take into account the area of its working surface, as well as the power of the electric heating elements installed in it.

Heat transfer in an oil heater occurs by convection of the oil fluid inside the heater itself. And the transfer of heat by an oil heater to the room occurs through radiation of heat from its entire heated surface.

If you compare other heating devices with electric heaters, you will see that oil heaters are almost always of impressive size.

Therefore, when choosing an oil heater, you should also take into account not only its dimensions, which are written in the characteristics of the device, but also the handles and holders attached to it, which further increase its dimensions.

Having bought an oil-fired electric heater and transported it in a horizontal position all the way, you don’t need to plug it into a power outlet immediately upon arriving home.

Wait at least half an hour for the oil to be evenly distributed throughout the heater, only then can you use the device. When choosing an oil electric heater, pay attention to the fact that it has temperature control.

However, today, almost the majority of modern heaters have a temperature regulator in their device, so whether you will have to become the owner of a rarity.

In addition to the temperature regulator, it would also be nice if the heater also had an operating mode indicator. It is also important when choosing an oil electric heater to choose a model that has overheating protection and automatic power off.

There are also oil electric heaters that can display the temperature both inside their housing and the room temperature, which is an important parameter.

When choosing to heat, look for a timer that allows you to set operating times. After all, it is undoubtedly convenient to wake up in a warmed-up room, thanks to the presence of a timer on the heater that can start it several hours before you get up.

An important criterion when choosing an electric oil heater will be the presence of an air humidifier in its design. Such a heater is capable of independently regulating the humidity in the room, and you only need to periodically add water to a special tank for this.

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