Скороварка и мультиварка

Pressure cooker and multicooker — how to distinguish them. Real proper homemade food requires a lot of time and knowledge to prepare, but you always want to eat it. That is why equipment that reduces the time spent on cooking began to appear in the kitchens of housewives.

And some appliances, for example, a multicooker or pressure cooker, practically cook themselves. Both of them are necessary in everyday life, and therefore the question arises — which is better? What should you buy first, and what can you wait on? A pressure cooker is an aluminum or metal pan with a hermetically sealed lid.

To securely fix the cover, it has special clamps. Because of this tightness, the pan heats up faster, and the food cooks, accordingly, also quickly. When cooking in a pressure cooker, food does not interact with air and retains its bright original color.

A pressure cooker can be purchased electric or for the stove. The disadvantage of a pressure cooker is the inability to interfere with the cooking process before it turns off. If you open the lid immediately after turning it off, you can get a very severe burn.

A multicooker is a type of household appliance. There are buttons on its body for selecting the cooking mode. Of course, it is possible to control food preparation via the display, but there is really no need for this.

Скороварка или мультиварка

The multicooker always cooks food in the required mode. A removable container with a non-stick coating interacts with the heater. This technique will never allow overheating or underheating, since the temperature is constantly monitored by sensors.

She will cook for a strictly defined time specified by the person. When choosing what to buy first, you need to start from your lifestyle and your needs, as well as, of course, from your own culinary preferences.

The multicooker will become an indispensable assistant for working and very busy women, as well as for mothers with their babies and people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

If meat dishes are held in high esteem in the family, then a pressure cooker will become an indispensable assistant. Jellied meat and pilaf are much faster to cook in it than in a slow cooker.

However, there is a way out of the situation when you want both a multicooker and a pressure cooker at once. There are multicookers enriched with pressure cooker functions. However, in addition to functions, it is also necessary to take into account other nuances, for example, the thickness of the bottom of the container.

For most dishes this can be a pretty important detail. Also, such equipment can be matched to the color of the kitchen interior.