Immersion blender for home – how to choose

Do you want to be seen as a goddess in the kitchen and delight your loved ones with delicious dishes: cocktails, cutlets, fruit and vegetable purees or unforgettable desserts?

You don’t need a fairy wand. An immersion blender will do everything for you. Just like a mixer, this useful device mixes foods. The name of the smart assistant comes from the English word “blend”, which is similar to “mix”.

However, the first means a harmonious combination, the second means a chaotic, disorderly mixture. Both household appliances are equally necessary in the kitchen, but a blender is more functional and more versatile. He does everything on time, cleanly and beautifully.

Retail chains offer two types of devices: stationary and submersible. The first ones are more convenient. The knives and attachments are located at the bottom of the plastic container, where the product is placed, and the unit stands on the countertop and does not need to be held in your hands.

Unlike a stationary blender, an immersion blender does not take up much space in the kitchen and can be used with any containers and ingredients.

What does an immersion blender look like?

Externally, this compact unit looks like a handle, which is called a “leg” in all instructions. There is a motor inside it, and various attachments are attached below: knives for finely cutting meat, devices for cocktails and purees, a whisk for beating eggs and a coffee grinder.

Such apparent lightness and simplicity of design is deceptive. The outwardly elegant device is capable of grinding meat, kneading dough, and even breaking ice into small pieces. What criteria should you pay attention to when choosing?

Experts recommend evaluating the following device parameters: The power of the device determines the variety of dishes prepared. For example, for cocktails and baby food, 250 W is enough, but for processing frozen meat, vegetables, and crushing ice, you will have to buy a device with a power of 600 to 1000 W.

For dough on dumplings and pies, models from 1000 to 1200 W are suitable. Nozzles Not all of them are equally in demand.

Погружной блендер KENWOODLet’s focus on the main ones:

  • The leg is the most important of all attachments. You can’t do without it. It consists of a long leg with a knife at the bottom. Pay attention to the sharpness. If the knife is dull, then not only will you not be able to cut the meat, but vegetables, such as onions, will look sloppy after cutting;
  • Whisk. It comes in different shapes. For beating eggs and cocktails it is suitable in the form of a drop, made of wires, for dough – spiral-shaped;
  • Grinding bowl. This is a glass attachment with a lid, with a set of knives inside. It is indispensable when cutting vegetables into cubes;
  • Crusher. Designed for grinding coffee beans and spices;

Vacuum containers and a special pump attachment are designed to create an airless environment in containers with an appropriate lid. If desired, you can purchase such containers in addition to those included in the kit.

The length of the wire is from 1 to 2 meters, it simplifies cooking, no additional wires are required, the device is connected to the outlet directly.

The ability to connect from a battery gives greater freedom, but the power of the device suffers. Material. Blenders are made of plastic and metal. The first ones are cheaper. They are lighter, odor-resistant, do not change color, and are easy to clean. However, be careful when touching heated food: metal parts are more suitable for this purpose.

How not to overpay for blender attachments

Before purchasing a blender, you need to think carefully: are all the functions and additional items really needed? Check which household appliances are present in your kitchen and what they do more efficiently.

For example, only a meat grinder can better grind meat into minced meat, and a mixer can knead the dough, the two spiral attachments of which will cope with this task faster, and the dough will be softer and more elastic. A coffee grinder will replace a grinder.

Although, if your room is not spacious enough for a stationary food processor or other single-tasking units, then buy a device with a full set of attachments.

Speed and its adjustment

The speed of an immersion blender is directly related to the variety of device functions and cooking modes. Devices in the lower or middle price segment have 5-7 speeds, while the most expensive ones have up to 24 speeds. Such household appliances belong to the professional category.

They can cope with any task, but there is a minus – energy consumption exceeds the same figure for cheap analogues. For those who value speed above all else, there’s a nice bonus – turbo speed, which is not much more than the default maximum of mid-range models.

When purchasing a device, you can save on this too. But in many ways, what is important to us is not the speed itself, but the ability to change it or turn off the device manually when the dish is ready, so pay attention to whether there is a pulse mode button on the case.

Насадки на погружной блендер Noise during operation

This indicator depends on the power and design of the device: the more powerful it is, the louder the device operates. But if your assistant constantly buzzes, then you need to either contact a service center or think about an alternative model.

Useful additions

Many blenders come with additional items. This is how manufacturers make the cooking process enjoyable. Think about which of these things you need and which you don’t need if you don’t want to overpay.

For example, you may already have a measuring cup or you will buy it separately and cheaper, but a wall mount will be what you need. You will save space on your desk or cabinet by using wall space. But you can also give preference to a rubberized handle over a stylish stand.

The best manufacturing companies

It is difficult to name an undisputed leader in the production of this type of household appliances. Each brand has its own unique qualities. Engineers and designers take into account the wishes of consumers, improve the functions and appearance of devices.

Philips, Tefal, Bosh, Molinex, Kenwood make up the top sales list. Recently, the main lines in sales figures are occupied by Bosh and Braun blenders. They are practical, powerful, with a memorable design.


Before purchasing a device, consider the following: What will you cook? Based on this, decide on the size, power and number of nozzles. Do you cook for your family or just for yourself? If for 4-5 people, then pay more and buy a powerful device with more functions. Convenient to maintain the device.

Pay attention to whether there is a pulse mode, whether the power button is easy to use, and whether there is a self-cleaning function. Do not forget about washing and drying attachments, the configuration and materials of which allow them to be washed both by hand and in the dishwasher.

And last but not least: read user reviews, and at the same time consult with sales consultants of retail chains and online stores.