Statistics say that the share of dishwasher sales is only 5-7% of all household appliances. Many people believe that there is no need to spend money on such a device, because the dishes are easy to wash by hand.

But the advantages of the device include the ability to save time and get perfect cleanliness.

When washing dishes by hand, you won’t be able to use high temperatures, but the machine will heat the water to 70°C and kill bacteria.

If you want to save your family from arguing over whose turn it is to wash the dishes and save up to 8,000 liters of water per year, go shopping. It is worth considering all the factors, and it will not disappoint you.

Type and dimensions

Those who are setting up a kitchen from scratch will love the built-in model, while owners of a lived-in space will opt for a free-standing machine. You will be offered the following sizes:

  • The standard one is suitable for a large family.
  • The narrow one is useful for those who have only limited space.
  • Newlyweds will like the compact size.

The choice depends on the size of the kitchen and the composition of the family, because in the first option you can wash 10-14 sets of dishes, and in the 2nd — up to 8. The latter will only fit 4, but for a small family this is enough: a set means a cup, a glass, saucer, 3 plates and cutlery.

Before purchasing, pay attention to the main parameters according to which units are classified as class A, B or C. These characteristics affect important indicators, because the level of energy consumption of devices of groups A and C is noticeably different.

They will also affect the ability to remove stains, which is determined by laboratory testing: food residues are applied to the dishes, dried for 2 hours, then sent to the machine.

The result is compared with the performance of the reference device, after which the device is assigned a class. The quality of drying is determined in the same way, but in some models the heat exchanger performs an additional function.

To prevent cold water from getting onto hot cups and saucers when rinsing, dishwashers heat it up, which eliminates sudden temperature changes. This mode will be more gentle and the dishes will last longer.

Standard programs

To avoid paying extra money, you should decide in advance what features you need. The devices are equipped with 10-12 programs, which, by design, allow you to select the optimal mode, but users rarely need more than 3. Intensive washing is suitable for heavy soiling.

At 70 °C, the remains of starchy foods (potatoes or pasta that have burned to the bottom) are washed off. A normal wash copes with medium dirt, while a quick wash is suitable for light tasks and takes 2 times less time. It is worth paying attention to the following functions:

  • Among the additional modes, “Delicate Wash” can be considered truly useful. Owners of valuable crystal and porcelain without hand painting and gold trim will need it. A temperature of 45 °C will get rid of dust and cloudiness, but only if there is no significant contamination.
  • Heavily soiled appliances are difficult to clean without a large amount of detergent, but the Soak function will do the job. The ability to first get rid of stuck-on food residues and save household chemicals will appeal to thrifty owners and will improve the result.
  • “Automatic washing” means that the device itself will determine the appropriate mode.
  • The half-load feature eliminates the need to hoard dirty dishes for a long time.

By determining the necessary capabilities of the device, you will make the work convenient and save yourself from overpayments!

Connection type

You will be offered 2 types of dishwashers, differing in the type of connection. Some models are designed to be connected to a hot water pipe, which reduces energy costs.

But the pleasure will be spoiled by the fact that if the water temperature in the tap is insufficient, the device will turn off, and this will not be uncommon in our conditions.

It is more rational to use a device that heats cold water on its own. Energy costs will increase, but you will have the opportunity to avoid inconvenience. As an intermediate option, you can purchase a model to which hot and cold water is supplied, but its cost will hit your pocket.

Taking into account all the nuances, you will find the right device!