Куда установить микроволновку

Where to install the microwave. Probably every person has noticed that over time there is less and less free space in the house. And the kitchen is no exception. Purchasing new furniture or appliances takes up whole meters of free space.

Sooner or later, this forces people to re-equip the premises with the possible rearrangement of this or that item. So, the sofa can be moved to another corner, the stove can be built into the kitchen, and the microwave oven can be hung on the wall. This option of mounting a microwave on brackets has become very popular, since it can free up quite a lot of work surface.

Before you begin mounting the microwave oven on the brackets, you must carefully study its instructions and decide which side will bear the most weight. In some models, the weight is evenly distributed over its entire area. But there are also microwave ovens in which the weight is concentrated on one side.

Most of the weight is concentrated near the doors. In this way, manufacturers ensure that the microwave does not wobble when the doors are opened. After this, you can proceed to determining the location of the furnace. And as already mentioned, it is best to install it on special shelves, which can be easily found in a hardware store or on the market.

When choosing shelves, you should pay attention to the length of their legs. You should not take products with short legs; with this option, the microwave will be close to the wall and heat up the finishing material, which may eventually ignite. When installing the stove on a shelf or brackets, you should follow some rules.

The microwave should not be installed near any objects. The distance between the equipment and the nearest object should not be less than 10 cm. Before installing the equipment, it is necessary to remove from it all objects and devices that may be damaged during the installation process.

Separately, this rule applies to a rotating dish. You should not install the stove near other equipment, as it can lead to their breakdown due to its effect on the magnetic field. It is not advisable to place a microwave oven near devices that emit thermal energy and evaporation, as this may reduce its service life.