When choosing a refrigerator, you should not rely only on the consultant in the store, but you yourself should know the basic selection criteria.

Moreover, a refrigerator is needed in the house every day and its quality and reliability play a big role. Before you buy a large appliance, determine where you will put it and whether there is enough space for it in your kitchen.

The usual depth of a refrigerator is 60 centimeters, but for greater capacity it is better to purchase 80 cm. The most optimal height for it is from 150 to 200 centimeters.

The volume should be calculated based on the composition of the family, usually 200-350 liters. If the kitchen is spacious enough, then a Side-by-Side refrigerator would be an excellent option. Such refrigerators are equipped with two doors and each is further divided into chambers.

For a compact kitchen, pay attention to refrigerators with the ability to change the opening direction of the doors, since sometimes the width of the door can be very disturbing. If you are choosing a refrigerator to match the interior of your kitchen unit, then take a closer look at the built-in appliances.

But it has its drawbacks — small volume and overpriced.

The refrigerator compartment takes up most of the refrigerator. It may have shelves and special containers. Shelves are made from several types of material, but to keep food fresh longer, wire shelves are good because they allow air to circulate inside the refrigerator. In addition, see if the camera has additional mounts for shelves so that you can independently adjust their height.

Think about the freezer. As a rule, it is installed either at the top or bottom. If the location is lower, then usually there are 2 drawers, but will it be convenient for you to constantly bend over?

New refrigerators have a zero zone function. This is one compartment in a chamber or even a whole chamber in which there is high humidity and a temperature of 0 degrees. Products stay fresh longer.

Refrigerators are on 24/7, which can sometimes have a big impact on electricity meters. Refrigerators with energy consumption class A are considered the most economical. There are also class B and C, they are not so economical, but the difference is not very big.

The most popular models are C class refrigerators. The cost of a refrigerator plays an important role, but models of the same class usually differ in additional functions, size, volume and number of chambers.